Namma Honda


SP 160


Variant Ex-Showroom Price
SP 160 Single Disc Rs.117500
SP 160 Double Disc Rs.121900

* Prices are subject to change without any prior notice. Please confirm latest prices from Namma Honda.

Give your riding experience a 360-degree turn with SP 160, that comes with bold new features. Its stunning digital meter makes sure you stay ahead of the game. The bold tank design turns heads as you go and its iconic LED tail lamp leaves behind a trail of awe wherever you go. When all of them come together, you get a ride that’s bolder than anything you have ever experienced before. SP 160 is a total game changer. Get ready to ‘play it bold’.



Planet Honda - SP 125 BS6 Silent_start_with_acg

A sure shot style statement; the aggressive LED headlamp illuminates the path and makes the bike look premium yet sporty.

Planet Honda - Sp 125 BS6 Full_digital_meter

The aerodynamic under cowl of the bike protects the engine from road bumps and adds to the distinct sporty look of the bike.

Planet Honda - SP-125-BS6-125cc_het_bs_vi_engine

The 220mm petal shaped rear disc brake dissipates heat effectively & gives superior braking control.

Planet Honda - Sp 125 BS6 esp

A definite head-turner, the bold tank design with sporty shrouds makes the bike exude an aura of aggression and energy.

Planet Honda - SP 125 BS6 PGM_FI

The iconic design of the LED tail lamp gives the bike its signature look and leaves behind a trail of awe.

Planet Honda - SP 125 BS6 Friction_reduction

The Wider Rear Tyre (130 mm) provides the bike with an enhanced grip while accelerating and ensures better stability.

Planet Honda - Sp-125-BS6-Mileage_up

The latest innovation in the engine is far ahead of its time. It not only delivers unmatched performance but also contributes to a cleaner and greener environment.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 3plus3_yearswarranty_package

Stay up to speed with this stunning new digital meter which displays all necessary information related to mileage, speed, fuel consumption, gear position, time and servicing of the vehicle.

Planet Honda - SP-125-BS6-Het_tubeless_tyre

Rest assured with a 10-year warranty package, comprising 3 years of standard and 7 years of optional service warranty.

Planet Honda - SP 125 BS6 Aggressive_tank_design_with_edgy_graphics

Turn off the engine and stop your bike anytime, anywhere with just a simple flick of a switch and enjoy convenience at its best.

Planet Honda - SP 125 BS6 Sharp_led_dc_headlamp

With the Hazard switch, enhanced safety is only a click away. The indicator lights that turn on illuminate the path and prove helpful in areas with poor visibility and during all kinds of emergency situations.

Planet Honda - SP 125 BS6 Sporty_split_alloy_wheels

SP 160 is equipped with a single, high performance shock absorber. Coupled with a flexible diamond frame, it offers superiorriding comfort and excellent stability.

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